10 GIFs That Only Podcast Listeners Can Relate To

1. When you’re just about to go for a run and your favourite podcast appears in the feed!

2. When social conversations are no longer interesting enough

3. It’s been 5 minutes and I’m still listening to adverts

4. You’re really into an episode when…

5. That moment when you realise you’ve left your headphones at home

6. On a long train journey and you binge out on podcasts

7. When you’re just about to catch up on podcasts during your commute, and you see someone you know.

8. “What you listening to?” “Just a podcast…” “What’s a podcast?”

9. On public transport trying to hold back a LOL

10. That moment when you think, I could start my own podcast!

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Other than running the Powerful Nonsense blog and podcast, Cem is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses.

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