11 Habits Of The Unfulfilled

11 Habits of the Unfulfilled Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode Cem and Wayne share some reasons why you may be getting stuck in life or constantly feel unfulfilled based on Philip Mckernan’s book, “Rich On Paper, Poor On Life.” We explore eleven destructive yet common habits that often lead us astray and how to overcome them.

What you’ll hear

03:15 – Over-eating – eating for pleasure over health
05:20 – Not having enough energy to go after your dreams and goals
07:20 – Sleeping in and having no morning routine
10:00 – Making excuses instead of progress
13:00 – Focusing on the negative instead of the positive
14:45 – Spending more money than you make
18:30 – Talking about success rather than taking action
21:00 – Going to university, getting into loads of debt and getting a completely unrelated job afterwards
23:40 – Praying for weekends and hating Mondays
26:20 – Selling yourself short
29:55 – Spending time with people who don’t hold you accountable.


The Foundation Podcast – Abundance: https://thefoundation.com/podcast/episode94

Philip Mckernan’s book, “Rich On Paper, Poor On Life.

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