12 Signs You’re Burning Out – And What To Do About It

12 Signs You're Headed For Burnout Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne talk about the dangers of workholism and burnout for new entrepreneurs. We explore the potential dangers, warning signs and early interventions that can be put in to place to help you to avoid a full on crash so that your health and wellbeing become the foundation to your businesses success, not the downfall.

What you’ll hear

04:45 – Why You Might Get Burnt Out
06:05 – Hustle vs Burnout
09:35 – The 12 phases of burnout
11:20 – Having a compulsion to prove yourself
12:55 – Are you a workaholic?
15:00 – Are you neglecting your needs?
16:00 – A feeling that something isn’t right but can’t acknowledge what it is
17:45 – Have your values changed?
21:10 – Denial of emerging problems
23:10 – Withdrawal
26:25 – Obvious behavioural changes
27:15 – Depersonalisation
28:55 – Inner emptiness
29:55 – Depression
31:05 – Burnout syndrome
33:00 – Preventing burnout
34:00 – Calm your mind
35:00 – Ensure that you provide yourself with social intervention
36:50 – How are you spending your time?
37:30 – Down time is important not lazy
38:45 – Get some good quality sleep
41:00 – Give your life margin
41:45 – Turn off your notifications on occasion


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10 Signs You’re Burning Out – And What To Do About It

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