#42 – 2014 Year In Review – Reflections & Learnings

2014 Year In Review Powerful Nonsense

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Happy New Year! In this episode Cem and Wayne reflect on 2014 and share the lessons that they have learned with you. They share their most valuable insights into the mistake that they have made (so you don’t have to) as well as the things that they managed to get right and where they’re hoping to go in 2015!

What you’ll hear

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Episode Inspired by… Starting From Nothing – The Foundation Podcast – Getting Clarity on Your New Year’s Goals

The Year Review Process

– Reflect and take note of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ experiences you had of last year
– Make note of the key lessons you learned from each of those experiences

06:00  Stop letting people ‘Should’ all over you
09:40  Why you should never do business just for the money
12:00  Stop making assumptions
15:00  Losing business/clients happens, it often leads to better quality
17:00  Sometimes you have to let people go
19.00  Finding your tribe
19:45  Allow people to be who they want to be
23:30  Never burn bridges with people, you never know when you may need them
25:00  Community leads to growth
27:30   Dealing with the words “You’ve changed”
30:30  Learning to value yourself
32:30  Job-hunting insecurities
34:00  Always keep your word
35:00  The more you hustle the more you can effect others
38:00  Sometimes a bad event can be a blessing in disguise
39:30  Never be afraid to ask for help.
40:00  People want you to succeed.

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