6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Iron Man

1. Create Your Own Thick Skin

Entrepreneurs like artists are brave enough to bare their souls in the hope of creating something that rocks the world. Anyone with the guts to create will certainly come up against their fair share of critics; building a tough skin helps to keep out the doubters and keep you stomping forward.

2. Use Your Powers For Good

Entrepreneurs are like painkillers; they go in search of people’s problems and find creative ways to solve them. If your products only aim is to make money, it probably won’t last, and it certainly won’t change the world.

3. Accept That Your MVP Will Be Ugly

Tony Stark’s first Iron Man suit had more in common with Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. MVPs are made for testing assumptions not beauty pageants. Start lean then get mean.

4. Build Shit That Gets You Excited

The biggest threat for first time entrepreneurs is maintaining the enthusiasm long enough to ship. If you’re idea isn’t keeping you up at night it may be worth going back to the drawing board

5. Find Your Team of Avengers

It’s hard work trying to take on the world. Make sure you take the time to surround yourself with a kick ass team each with their own unique super powers. Remember, “Individuals don’t win in business, teams do.” – Sam Walton.

6. Innovate For Fun

Baddies have a knack for finding hero’s weaknesses. Luckily, Tony Stark stays ahead of the game by constantly developing his armour and pushing the boundaries. Don’t wait for the threat to innovate, the fun is finding out where you can take your idea next.


Start Lean Then Get Mean – Art by http://dribbble.com/derricwise


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