8 Reasons To Start Your Own Business Today

8 Reasons To Start Your Own Business Today - Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Wayne and Cem share eight solid reasons why you should consider starting your business today! We discuss why starting a business is the ultimate vehicle for self development, financial independence and the best “job security” available in today’s economy.

What You’ll Hear

What you’ll hear

03:20 – Invest in your personal re-invention
06:30 – Embrace the idea of being financially independent
08:20 – A significant change in your understanding of value
09:40 – A journey of continued education
12:30 – Opportunity to build an awesome network of people and mentors
15:55 – Owning your own business is GREAT job security
17:40 – Don’t allow yourself to become another Oliver Twist
22:10 – There are incredible tax benefits to starting your own business
27:35 – You can change the world

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