8 Videos That Will Change The Way You Think About Education

A revolution in education is coming. Young people are at the heart of an economy falling away from a system that is fast becoming redundant. Part of the reason for the high unemployment rate and lack of entrepreneurship across the world can be blamed on the saturation of numb conformist workers nurtured in schools to serve the industrial economy.

Millions of people who were “educated” to be yes-men and women are steadily being replaced by technology and this change is hitting the poor hardest. Student fees continue to rise year on year increasing the gap between the rich and poor, yet we happily brandish those on benefits as being lazy and not the education institutions for failing to inspire.

Governments continue to shy away from the obvious yet neglected realisation that innovation and creativity is critical for pushing the human race forward and helping young people to live fulfilling lives in the 21st century.

Here are eight videos by eight thought leaders who are brave enough to stand up and challenge the system head on:

1 – Stop Stealing Dreams – Seth Godin 

2 – I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate – Sulibreezy

3 .  Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education – Salman Khan

4 . How to Escape Education’s Death Valley – Ken Robinson

5. ‪ Our Failing Schools. Enough is enough!‬ – Geoffrey Canada

6. Teachers need real feedback – Bill Gates 


7. Bringing Mindsight into The Classroom – Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.


8. Hackschooling Makes Me Happy – Logan LaPlante


Change IS coming. As Nathaniel Branden once said “The first step toward change is awareness.” By sharing these videos, together we can save our future generations from a system that stifles dreams and creativity.