9 Amazing Findings from BNA 2013 Festival of Neuroscience

This weekend, I spent some of my time voluntarily filming interviews with the world’s leading brains in Neuroscience along side Dr Jack Lewis. Not only did I find out about some amazing research but it was also hugely humbling experience seeing the passion and drive from the many young PhD students in their pursuit to make the world a better place by tackling some of the most devastating cognitive diseases around.

Here are nine amazing findings I took away from the weekend; I’ve added links in each point for further reading.

1) Altering a person looks through virtual reality changes their attitude.

2) Although pain is subjective to the individual, neuroscientist are finding more reliable ways to measure it.

3) Humans dehumanize those we see beneath us e.g. homeless people and the lower classes.

4) Light rays may be used in the future to activate genes for both targeted pain therapy and reactivating areas of the brain damaged through dementia.

5) Magic mushroom could be used to help tackle those suffering from severe depression.

6) In the future your personality may decide the kind of medication your doctor prescribes.

7) Women who are stressed during pregnancy may damage the future cognitive development of their unborn babies.

8) Neurons in the brain prepare before making decisions e.g. thinking about an upcoming task primes the brain for action.

9) Near misses are highly motivational for gamblers.

I think sometimes we overlook the real superstars in our society, those who commit their lives to the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the human brain. Not only do they aim to help those with disabilities live a life with the quality they deserve but also they help us understand ourselves so that we can reach our true potential. What can I say… Neuroscientists I salute you!

BNA 2013 Festival of Neuroscience