9 Ways to Maintain Financial Stability

9 Ways To Maintain Financial Stability

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In this episode, Wayne and Cem share nine ways to keep yourself afloat when venturing into entrepreneurship. We explain why quitting your day job may not be the best approach, why figuring out ourMinimal Viable Lifestylehelps you to cover your basics and why honing your emotional relationship with money will allow you to keep mentally stable through challenging times.

What You’ll Hear

02:45 – Don’t quit your day job!

07:20 – Find your Minimal Viable Lifestyle

08:30 – Use your initial resources on what REALLY matters

12:30 – Get payment from your customers as soon as possible!

14:50 – Take advantage of on-demand production

16:50 – Keep business and personal bank accounts seperate and utilise online tools

22:10 – Leverage your time as best you can

26:50 – Develop multiple streams of income

29:10 – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and seek money mentors

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