A Serious Case Of “Next Level Syndrome”

In the world of entrepreneurship there’s hundred of coaches, courses and blog posts that claim to help you take your business to the next level. Whether it’s doubling your income in 30 days or outsourcing everything you do so you can sit on a beach all day drinking cocktails, there’s always someone willing to place the carrot a little further ahead.

I recently read Philips McKernan’s book, Rich On Paper, Poor On life and he speaks about this “Next Level Syndrome” that many of us suffer from. It’s no real surprise why we find this constant one-upmanship so enduring seeing as it’s been conditioned into us since childhood from grades to work promotions, we all seem to need to reach a certain point before we can give ourselves permission to be happy… and then we set the next one.

You may be thinking, “wait a minute, progress is good and goals are motivating,” and I agree but it’s worth stopping from time to time to ask yourself where your current goals have come from.

A friend of mine recently mentioned that many of his friends were professional fitness models and so he felt like he was always playing catch up in terms of his physique keeping him in a constant state of never being ‘big’ or ‘ripped’ enough. Now how many entrepreneurs have fallen in to the same trap of comparing their bank balances, possessions or lifestyles to other entrepreneurs?

Without a good sense of why you do what you do and a solid vision of the life YOU want to lead, it’s very easy to absorb or allow other people’s values to dilute your own leading to insecurities, self sabotage and resentment later on down the line.

Do you really need to own a Ferrari before you can say you’ve made it?

Progress in business should never lead to a regression in life; it supplements it. Progress, no doubt, is part of human nature but it should not be at the expense of your wellbeing today. Take a moment to look back and appreciate just how far you have come, today you are and have enough.