Addicted To Authority

From the moment we’re born and throughout our education our brains are fired and wired to seek authority. Authority is the invisible structure that governs what we feel and how we live our lives but take it away and we quickly feel vulnerable and isolated.  The biggest problem with authority is that it doesn’t innovate. For years we have been sticking to systems that we know are outdated but we hold on in fear because it’s hard to package something we don’t quite understand yet.

“Think the way others are thinking. Think to impress. Think to avoid ridicule. Think to get a promotion. Think to out-manoeuvre.” – Nancy Kline

Education and the economy as we know it are broken and even more so for those who are late to join the party. As our elders cling on to these broken systems, young people are left to pick up the scraps or fall away from society.

“When exactly were you brainwashed into believing that the best way to earn a living is to have a job?” – Seth Godin

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Fortunately, the digital economy offers a light at the end of the tunnel for those out of work or stuck in dead end jobs but without the skills and mindset shifts it’s impossible to create in ways that matter to other people.

“Addiction to authority sets people up to be both addict and co-dependent, not an unusual combination.” – Nancy Kline

The only authority you really need in life is the one that comes from yourself. If you want to make something happen but keep holding back, ask yourself “What am I assuming here that is stopping me?” More than likely it will be your addiction to authority, the horror that you’re going against everything you’ve ever been taught and everyone you see around you. There’s no better time than now to fire and wire in a new way, one that allows you to be in the driving seat and for you to invent, connect and create in a way that matters.

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  • Amanda Vargas

    This is an important post. A lot of folks claim that they’re not addicted to authority or appeals to authority, but they’re the first ones to parrot slogans like “democracy means that we rule ourselves” and other nonsense. People look unconsciously towards authority in virtually every aspect of their lives. Many women won’t date men that are shorter than them, for instance, it’s all about the way they present themselves to others in their social circle. Businesses use the types of services listed at to essentially try and buy Facebook fans and show off their social proof and how well liked and respected they are. Night clubs rope off crowds of people and make them wait outside in the cold so they drum up some publicity and are seen as being the desired destination of the evening. Restaurants seat people near windows so people walking by will see that the dining room isn’t empty. These kinds of things, the need to impress and show off an appeal and authority in subtle and unsubtle ways, are kind of ingrained in society.

    • Cem

      Hey Amanda, Thanks for reading. “People look unconsciously towards authority in virtually every aspect of their lives.” I think that’s so true! People just need to take a step back and learn to question things rather than assume.