Become Scarce To Increase Your Value

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In this episode, inspired by Seth Godin’s course for freelancers, Wayne and Cem explain why it’s more important than ever to become scarce in order to stay competitive in today’s economy. We discuss why expertise has become a saturated market, the dangers of knowledge abundance and why your connections and reputation are your greatest asset.

What You’ll Hear

2:50 – Take your expertise to the next level by specialising
5:50 – Knowledge is easily accessible. Good execution of that knowledge is scarce
8:35 – Make good connections
10:25 – Why a good reputation leads to greater demand
15:55 – Any business that is over-subscribed needs to play off of their scarcity
19:05 – How convenient and familiar are you?
21:30 – Applying scarcity to different business models
24:40 – Leveraging scarcity as a graduate

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