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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Oli Mons and Zac Garton about their new startup Bagsee, a backpack complete with 30 essential items built for first-time and seasoned travellers. We discuss the importance of learning from previous business “failures,” finding the right team members and how being bold with your partnership building can often pay big dividends!

What You’ll Hear

2:35 – Zac, Oli and Bagsee

4:00 – Is it worth studying entrepreneurship?

7:00 – The importance of knowing your market and your route to it.

11:15 – The temptation to over-stock.

14:30 – Have knowledge of the pain problem you are trying to solve.

16:40 – Having your idea validated

18:45 – Creating a comprehensive action plan

21:40 – “The art of good business is being a good middle man.”

24:35 – Reach out to the people you don’t think will respond.

28:30 – The benefit of having a partner in your business.

32:20 – Trust and being able to separate the business from the personal.

35:10 – Good and honest communication.

37:50 – Lack of response or “no” doesn’t always mean no forever.

40:15 – Getting started and the first sale.

44:25 – The importance of boot-strapping.

49:50 – Advice for those who want to travel.

55:20 – The biggest load of nonsense Zac has ever heard.

56:55 – The most powerful piece of advice Oli has ever been given.

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