#9. But I’m Not Creative…

In this episode Cem and Wayne talk about whether our education system has trained young people for vision or out of it, the difference between creating art for ourselves against creating for others and whether our economy is really set up for the artist to prosper.

What you’ll hear

00:00 Introductions & Beginning quote.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”– Erich Fromm

02:00 How do you define an artist?

03:50 Why aren’t artists viewed as professionals?

05:00 Schools train for conformity not creativity.

06:00 The industrial economy didn’t need the artist.

11:05 We’re so concerned with money as our measure of success.

12:00 Your life is an accumulation of your experiences which money can’t buy.

13:00 Art should give you a new perspective of yourself.

13:40 How does the artist establish themselves as a professional?

14:40 Artists need to be aware of the value they provide so they’re not afraid to sell.

16:50 Real artists will continue to create art without payment.

18:00 Can you be an artist in any profession?

19:20 Art comes with no guarantees.

19:50 Are artists bad marketers?

21:00 Is the internet making art glamorous for the wrong reasons?

22:30 Is the internet removing the gatekeepers.

25:00 When starting out you’ll have to work along side the gatekeepers.

26:40 Young people are side stepping the gatekeepers through online platforms.

28:20 Should we create for ourselves or others?

29:20 Getting paid for your art feels like cheating the system.

33:00  Everyone is still trying to cling on to an old system.

34:00 Work and play are blurred when you’re doing what you love.

35:50 Actions steps

38:20 Wrap up & end quote

“Anxiety is part of creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something or to get in touch with something within.” – David Duchovny

Action Steps

1. See yourself as an artist whatever your profession & seek methods of boosting your creative thinking.

2. Find your passion, if you had all the money in the world what would you continue doing.

3. Don’t be afraid to sell your art.

Book recommendation:

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Choose Yourself!

To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing Others

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