The Upside Of Being A Selfish Entrepreneur

A few months ago Wayne and I attended the UK Podcasters Pub Crawl in London and after being tanked up on free booze we we’re requested to do an impromptu talk about podcasting and share some of the lessons we had learned along the way. After ten minutes or so of slurring and dropping more f-bombs than any talk really … Read More

10 GIFs That Only Podcast Listeners Can Relate To

If you like podcasts, you may like ours too so check us out by hitting the PODCAST tab at the top of this page or find us on iTunes.  Aside from his Powerful Nonsense duties Wayne is a professional actor, owns his own production company called Tap The Table and is an unofficial Apple representative.

The Dating Commodity

I’m going to talk about something we don’t discuss much here on Powerful Nonsense – dating. Stick with me here. Many times over the last 6 months I have had many friends and colleagues who are in very secure, long term relationships, express the anxiety they have around ever being single again. They attribute that anxiety to how much dating … Read More

Waiting For The Big Break

Every time we get a new guest on the podcast I get super excited and the next thought that comes to mind is will this interview be THE ONE? By THE ONE I mean the tipping point, the big break, the viral hit. That moment when we go from a few thousands listeners a month to tens of thousands, where … Read More

Expect The Dip

The other day I was helping my girlfriend tidy her room (not the one in the picture, she’d kill me) but it wasn’t far from it! The thing with tidying a room is that once you begin there’s a point – usually an hour or so in – that you realise things are worse than when you started.

Why Self-Improvement Is Often What You Stop And Not What You Start

Self improvement is big business, whether it’s books, seminars, personal coaching or kale, there’s a never ending stream of things we can do to improve ourselves but have you ever taken a moment to think what would happen if you decided that instead of starting something new you would just stop?

Declaring To-Do List Bankruptcy

My to-do list became unmanageable so I did it. I declared to-do list bankruptcy. In our 24/7 365 working culture that we now have due to technology, our to-do lists never stop growing and if we don’t keep on top of them, we’ll never have the pleasure of seeing our to-do list empty. I don’t know about you but often … Read More

11 Reasons To Stop Searching For Your Passion

Everybody wants to find their passion; after all, passionate people have a zest for life, they’ve cracked the code and have a direct path to happiness or so it seems, which is why the rest of us are desperate to find it.