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Status Go!10 Un-Learnings To Thrive In The Digital Economy

As a mandatory participant in society’s one size fits all education, spat out into an over-crowded and outdated work environment, I hope that this eBook will help  you (like it is helping me) to remove the obsolete and limiting mindsets that we have all been hoodwinked in to believing. Let these ten chapters be more of an awakening than self-examination. You were young and just doing what you were told. Things change, and you can change too.

Table Of Content


False Assumption #1 – Your Job Defines You

False Assumption #2 – Play it Safe

False Assumption #3 – It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

False Assumption #4 – Knowledge is Power

False Assumption #5 – Abide Authority

False Assumption #6 – Money is Precious

False Assumption #7 – Give the Right Answers

False Assumption #8 – Material Possessions = Self Worth

False Assumption #9 – Never Trust a Salesmen

False Assumption #10 – You Are Not Special

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