Creating a Culture of Excellence with Tunde Okewale (Urban Lawyers)

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Tunde Okewale, an award winning international barrister, Lawyer, TEDx speaker and social entrepreneur on why our expectation of ourselves sets the limit to our success, why good mentors matter and how failure, labels and stereotypes can become our biggest assets when we learn to own them.

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What You’ll Hear

  • Success

    Knowing how to define your own success

  • Support

    Where to focus your attention to gain the best support

  • Resilience

    Not giving up too easily and not underestimating the value of hard work.

  • Conformity & Comparison

    Making sure you do what works for you.

  • Culture of Excellence

    Not relying on quick wins to be a success but developing yourself instead.

  • Masculinity

    What does it really mean to be a man?

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