Creating The Ultimate ME Day

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In this episode, Wayne and Cem discuss why it’s important to take regular time out for yourself in order to re-energise your entrepreneurial spirit and nourish your body. We explain why ‘ME Days’ remind us of why we started our businesses and how they can give us the space and silence for creativity and intuition to speak up.

What You’ll Hear

04:40 – What is a REAL Me Day?
08:20 – What a Me Day isn’t
12:55 – Be around people who inspire you
13:35 – Your Me Day needs to be uplifting
13:55 – Focus on your own priorities and have a digital un-plug
14:55 – A Me Day can often be similar to passive meditation
18:00 – By taking a Me Day it takes your brain off of auto-pilot
20:05 – You don’t have to take a whole day. Try taking a Me Hour
21:20 – Engage in non-routines
24:20 – How can we have a good Me Day?
27:10 – If you had a £1,000,000 race horse how would you treat it

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