Don’t blame your people, blame your plan.

I went to Tech hubs Creative Tech Meet up today to listen to Ping Fu – CEO of Geomagic who talked about her own 3D printing start up business.

One thing she said really resonated with me, “If things aren’t working, don’t blame your people, blame your plan.” Although this is great advice in terms of business start-ups, I think it can really apply to those who are currently unemployed.

A lot of the time it is very easy to turn on yourself and think it is you who is incapable of finding employment, which quickly leads to depression and a lack of self-confidence making matters worse.

Instead, stop blaming yourself, go back to the drawing board and re-evalute your strategy for reaching your goal. If you think your CV sucks – seek advice, if you’re lacking certain skills – go and re-train, if you don’t feel you have any clear direction – go and experience something new.

Somebody out there is in desperate need for somebody like you. The hard part is finding them.

3d shoe print

Stiletto shoe made using a 3D printer.