Don’t Miss The Big Picture

In a previous blog post, I had discussed the importance of ensuring that we weren’t misdirecting our pursuit of happiness. We are often pursuing things in an attempt to achieve another thing, which in turn will help us to achieve another thing which we hope one day will make us happy. The point however I think, is that we shouldn’t miss the big picture here.

Ultimately as social creatures, we want to have a wonderful impact on other people’s lives, we want to be remembered fondly when our time comes and we want to leave a positive legacy behind us. So ask yourself, is your pursuit of a career really going provide these things for you? Sometimes we get distracted by our own ambitions and our chase for monetary gain in order to live the life that we want. Ultimately however, the most important things are the very things that don’t require money.

Perhaps then, we should consider investing as much time into our passions as we do time into our day-job. Perhaps we should put as much energy into nurturing loving relationships with family members as we do into stressing about our bills. Perhaps we should focus as much on fostering deep and meaningful friendships as we do on hitting that next level of career progression. And perhaps we should put as much effort into the relationships with our spouses as we do worrying about ticking that next “look at me I’m an adult now” checkbox.

Ultimately, when it’s all said and done, you will be measured by the impact you have had on others, whilst at the same time you will be pondering on whether your life had any meaning. You won’t be remembered for the houses you bought, or the salary you earned. You will be remembered by those around you for the happiness that you bring to them. So in the pursuit of your legacy, don’t get side-tracked and don’t miss the big picture. It’s right under your very nose.

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