Don’t Overthink It: Creative Decision Making For Entrepreneurs

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne explore why creative decision making can be an extremely valuable tool for entrepreneurs who are either starting a business and looking for new ideas or for those who have a business and want to grow through innovations. We discuss why creativity thrives with collaboration, limitations and our ability to take risks.

What You’ll Hear

03:30 – You can’t always make a decision based on data or solving a problem.

06:20 – Iterate based on feedback. Start with something simple

08:15 – How can anyone know what they want if they’ve never even see it?

11:00 – Try and get other people involved in your creative process so that you have multiple perspectives

17:05 – Leverage your limitations and iterate

20:00 – Build forward on your problem solving. You have to begin with action then try again

24:10 – To remain on top, you have to continue to innovate via the creative process.

25:10 – Keep training your brain for creative thinking

27:25 – Challenge your pre-existing beliefs

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Bill Burnett – Creative Decision Making



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