Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better

Youth unemployment is nearly at 1 million in the UK but with all this adversity comes huge opportunity. Unfortunately too many young people are using these statistics as a scapegoat for their own lack of drive; after all it’s easier to blame the wind instead of putting in the time to realign the sail.

The demand for workers may have changed but it’s those who have continued to increase their skills and value to the marketplace who have managed to stay financially secure.

On the other hand there are those who continue to feed off the scare mongering the papers throw at us, the ones who continue to let forces beyond their control dictate their future outcomes. These are the kind of people who are happy to go on strike when their jobs hang in the balance, but are the same people who have spent years in their role coasting.

“Don’t wait for a raise, become more valuable.” – Jim Rohn

The only way you can increase your income is to increase your value and that starts with you. Read the books, attend the seminars, consistently go beyond the call of duty because you matter.

Real value lies within. You are not your job. You are you and your personal value is the investment you put into yourself, the economy has nothing to do with it.