Embracing The Creative Struggle w/ Kascion Franklin


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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview fellow Northampton University Alumni Kascion Franklin to talk about his journey from graduation to landing the lead role in Lenny Henry’s Danny and The Human Zoo for the BBC. Kascion shares why pursuing and maintaining a creative career can be a daily struggle and why daily progression and knowing yourself is a must for anyone looking to carve a career outside of the traditional nine to five.

What You’ll Hear

3:30 – Introducing Kasion Franklin

5:30 – How Kascion landed his role in Danny and The Human Zoo

7:00 – Landing acting roles without an agent

10:00 Why did you decide to go to university?

13:00 Financial stability and the actors lifestyle

17:00 Dealing with the down days

22:00 How much of the film is actually based on Lenny Henry’s life?

23:30 Getting advice from Lenny Henry

25:00 What’s next?

29:00 Societies obsession with the overnight success

31:30 The ability to commit to something

34:00 Finding the first steps to pursuing your goals

37:00 How to evaluate your efforts

39:00 Kascion’s worst audition (Funny story!)

44:00 What’s the most powerful piece of advice you’ve been given?

45:00 Biggest load of nonsense?

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