Entrepreneurial Lows And How To Beat Them


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In this episode, Wayne and Cem discuss some effective ways to beat entrepreneurial lows especially in the early stages of starting your business. We explain why having partners, mentors and reconnecting with your ‘why’ can often be the best antidote to moments of entrepreneurial blues.

What You’ll Hear

02:00 – The lows will be regular but you will become better at managing them
04:00 – Make sure that you are always covering your needs
07:15 – Put aside small amounts of extra money and time to ensure you canstay in the game
10:25 – The people around you / your wingman are what you need the most when in the slump.
12:40 – Your lifestyle will cost as much as you allocate to it.
15:05 – If you’re on the entrepreneurial journey you get to work on your own time
16:40 – You only feel really shitty when you’re focusing on yourself.
19:40 – You are privileged to have this opportunity to create something.
21:00 – Re-frame the pressure you are putting on yourself

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