#17 Why Entrepreneurs Need To Create Their Own Reality Distortion Fields

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why we all need to create reality distortion fields in order to pursue our goals in life and in business. We talk ALOT about Steve Jobs and how his mindset could have been responsible for both his success and his demise. We also look in to the neuroscience of ‘reality distortion’ and why it all begins with you.

What you’ll hear

Apple Advert – Think Different (1997)


02:55 Beginning quote

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” – Will Smith

04:10 What is a reality distortion field?

06:25 Why do entrepreneurs need a reality distortion field?

09:40 Where did Steve Jobs’ creative confidence come from?

12:10 You need to be able to tell yourself you are special.

14:20  See defeat as an opportunity to learn.

15:00 You need to keep a positive reality to keep up the momentum in what you’re doing.

19:00 Failures need to feed in to your reality distortion not destroy it.

20:50 Innovation is pushing the limits on our current reality.

22:40 Reality distortion is most effective when you bring people in to your worldview.

31:50 It must also empower others.

33:00 The brain likes patterns and safety so a reality distortion must be powerful enough to break and reframe our beliefs.

34:30 Do you need to be a great leader to have a strong reality distortion field?

39:30 Your distorted reality has to be backed up with evidence in order to convince the brain and become a new reality.

39:30 Dove beauty patch advert:

40:50 Reality distortion is about giving yourself and others permission to enter a new way of thinking.

42:00 How much of reality distortion is placebo?

42:20 It’s about perception not deception.

43:30 Reality distortions removes limitation / limiting beliefs.

45:00 Entrepreneurship is seen as a danger to the brain.

50:00 People can influence your reality but you must believe it yourself first.

52:00 Is there a dark side to reality distortion?

56:30  Our current reality is  built off consistent exposures and experiences.

58:40 A single glimpse of possibility can create a whole new reality.

59:40 Is there a relationship between religion and reality distortion?

1:02:00 Motivational speakers give permission for people to create and believe a new reality.

1:05:00 It all starts from you. Take ownership of your own reality.

1:13:40 End quote.

“The difference between a vision and a hallucination is that other people can see the vision.” – Marc Andreessen

1:14:20 Episode wrap up.


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