Entrepreneurs, You Are The Placebo.

We’ve all heard about the power of placebos yet very few of us acknowledge that we are the active substance.

“A placebo is a story we tell ourselves that changes the way our brain and our body work.” – Seth Godin

In the same way that horoscopes can give someone the permission to find love or be loved; the Four Hour Work Week is just as likely to infuse you with the belief that you too can start a business. In both scenarios, it is YOU who makes the choices and necessary changes both physically and biologically to get the outcome you want, whether that’s learning to code or talking to the lady in red, the medium has simply allowed you to convince your flesh that this is something within your power.

“The body experiences what the mind believes.” ― Joe Dispenza

The reason why entrepreneurs are always in search of more and more information is that we’re consciously or unconsciously rewiring/unlearning our weak thinking patterns in order to develop the bravery to overcome the things we’ve been programmed to fear the most; failure, rejection, standing out.

“What beliefs and perceptions about you and your life have you been unconsciously agreeing to that you’d have to change in order to create this new state of being?” ― Joe Dispenza

Our perceptions, the stories we project over our lives have everything to do with the choices we make and the realities we create. Most entrepreneurs fail not because of a lack of customers but due to an undecided heart (a lack of intention).

“Your personality creates your personal reality.”― Joe Dispenza

If we as entrepreneurs want to pursue the things that will nourish us the most, like creating businesses that serve others or building a life on our terms then it’s up to us to indulge in some self-directed neuro-plasticity (upgrading your brains software). Reading books, listening to podcasts, reciting affirmations or simply surrounding yourself with those who have developed the thought patterns that you aspire too are all effective ways to tap in to our dormant potential.


What are you listening to or reading that is helping you to re-wire yourself for entrepreneurship?

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