Fear Vs Complacency

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In this episode, Wayne and Cem explore the root cause of fear and how it often leads to complacency in our lives. We talk about why fear and a lack of control go hand in hand, how biology and society has set us up to play it safe and why learning to befriend your fear can help you to re-embrace your intuition and finally take action on the things you want to do.

What You’ll Hear

3:30 – Fear comes in different forms for different people
7:00 – Question what it is you are trying to control
9:00 – Control how you react to scenarios
9:30 – Is complacency just another form of fear?
12:45 – Complacency makes you vulnerable and fragile
15:40 – Don’t always assume that things are out of your control. Take action.
18:15 – Embrace your fear
20:05 – Is your job creating your complacency?
21:45 – Release the fear that is creating your complacency
23:45 – Employment and Self-employment as a mindset
25:45 – Use your fear as a beacon

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