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In this episode, Wayne and Cem discuss some reasons why you should get yourself an entrepreneurial wingman/woman and where to find them. We explain how a business partner can help to make up for the skills you lack, hold you accountable, be someone to share the journey with and much more!

What You’ll Hear

04:25 – Why it’s helped us having an entrepreneurial wingman
06:35 – You’re both in it together
07:10 – It prevents a single blinkered vision
09:20 – It allows you to combine skill-sets
10:20 – Your wingman can often keep you focused
12:00 – You get to share your journey with someone else
12:45 – You’ll get so much more done
14:50 – Go to business start-up events to get a taste and possibly find your new wingman
16:05 – Find someone who’s at a similar level to you on their own entrepreneurial journey
17:35 – You have to treat your wingman / business partner like you would a relationship
18:30 – You have the ability to empower each other
20:30 – Your social and relationship skills will improve along your journey
24:45 – Does your wingman care as much as you?
26:15 – Separate business and personal
27:00 – You’ll balance each other out

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