Finding Meaning In An Automated Future w/ John Danaher

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview John Danaher an Academic with interests in the philosophy of technology and it’s implications on the future of work, money, morality and much more. We delve into whether technological employment is something we should be worrying about, how technology is democratising education, what would happen if people were given a guaranteed minimum income and the skills you’ll need to future-proof yourself against these inevitable changes.

What You’ll Hear

3:40 – Technophile or Technophobe?

6:15 – Sci-fi a precursor to science fact?

7:35 – Technology’s disruption of education

12:45 – Is technology now providing a gateway into professions?

15:45 – The pros and cons of running a “gig” based business

20:00 – What are the menial jobs of the future going to look like?

28:30 – The Age of Abundance

33:55 – The basic guaranteed income and the value of work

40:35 – The rise of the basic guaranteed income

45:35 – The future of the self-driving car

47:55 – The potential of Virtual Reality and the Experience Machine

51:45 – The Status Quo Bias

55:20 – The need for varied life skills in the education space

56:30 – The most powerful piece of advice and the biggest load of nonsense.

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