Finding The Next Step

Most people are aware that starting a business and working for yourself has the potential to become your get out of jail free card from the regular nine to five but the thing that holds most people back when they have a money making idea is knowing what to do next.

Most of my friends are full of ideas for funky products or ways to make the world better but when it comes to turning their vision in to a reality they quickly hit a wall.

This year  I went on holiday to Turkey with my sister and her boyfriend and all the local markets were selling these small Bluetooth speakers that linked up to your Iphone.  My sister boyfriend said, “I could sell so many of these back home,” so I said, “why don’t you?” He was stunned. Most people usually respond, “yeah that would be cool” and it ends there. Instead, as soon as we got back to our apartment I Googled the speakers and low and behold there they were available to buy in bulk on Alibaba from several hundred venders and way cheaper than the 50 Lira he just paid to the happiest Turk in the area.

For the rest of the holiday he became more and more obsessed and excited with the prospect of buying and selling these speakers as soon as he got home and it all started with someone (me) giving him the next step.

“What might be too big for you (thinking of the next step) might not be too big for someone else.” – James Altucher

To some people, Googling the product would have seemed rather obvious but there has probably been so many ideas that you’ve thrown out because either you didn’t know what the next step was or because you weren’t willing to find someone who does.

“An idea will always appear too big if you can’t think of the next step.”

Finding someone who does or someone who’s willing to sustain your excitement long enough so that you’re motivated to go and find out more for yourself will help you to get one step closer to actually shipping.

My sister’s boyfriend did eventually buy and sell some speakers, he’s not a millionaire but he did make a few hundred quid profit. More importantly though, he learnt that just because you don’t know the next step for creating your world changing idea it doesn’t mean you’re idea is dead in the water, it just means you need to become better at finding those that do.

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