Finding Your Minimal Viable Lifestyle (MVL)

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In this episode, Cem & Wayne discuss why it’s so important for entrepreneurs and sidepreneurs to figure out the total cost of their minimal viable lifestyle in order to pursue their business ventures without freaking out about money! They share their own financial experiences transitioning into entrepreneurship and why figuring out what’s enough and having that covered can increase your opportunities and expose the things you value most.

What you’ll hear

02:30: “Our life is flittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”
04:00: Wayne’s big move
05:45: Cem’s escape from 9-5
06:45: Can living with parents help?
08:05: The concept of Minimal Viable Lifestyle
09:40: Managing your expenses for a Minimal Viable Lifestyle
13:35: Defining what it is you NEED to pay for
16:55: Value your time!
18:20: Stripping back your lifestyle becomes easy
20:25: Giving yourself a daily budget
22:15: People are not shopping around properly for their needs
23:30: The challenge of free time
24:30: The serenity of free time
28:20: Low-demanding day-jobs
34:00: Learn to value owning your own time
38:00: People working jobs that they hate, earning more than they need to earn.
39:15: Make sure you’re not verging on poverty

Question of the Week

What one thing could you take out of your life to make your life a little more minimal?

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Quotes Of The Episode!

“Money doesn’t mean security. All money means is choice” – Wayne Ingram

“People don’t put a value on owning their own time” – Cem Yildiz

“The biggest issue I see is people working jobs that they hate, earning more than they need to earn.” – Wayne Ingram

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