Five Tips for Graduates From Simon Sinek

1. Seize Opportunities – “There are people who see the thing they want and there are people who see the thing that prevents them from getting the thing they want. You’re allowed to take shortcuts and you’re allowed to go after the thing you want but don’t deny others their opportunity.”

2. Tell The Truth – “You take responsibility for your actions the minute you take your action not the minute you’re caught.”

3.  Ask For And Accept Help – “One of the biggest failures of most leaders is the belief that their leadership credibility comes from their intelligence. It doesn’t. The goal is to push the authority down. Admit that you don’t know things then people will help you.”

4.  Take The Risk To Trust People –  “When we trust people they rise to the occasion and when we don’t they rise to the occasion. Leadership means taking the risk of trust even if it goes the wrong way.”

5.  Remember Who You Are –  “As you become more successful, as you do well in life, you will be afforded many advantages. People will call you sir and madam, carry your luggage,  people will hold doors open for you, they’ll bring you a cup of tea without you even asking but it’s not meant for you. It’s meant for the position you hold. When you move on they will give them to the person who replaces you. Never ever forget that you only ever deserve a Styrofoam cup.

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