Get Everything You Want By Giving Up On Yourself

Giving up is often seen as a negative thing, it can mean losing hope, motivation or simply throwing in the towel but when we hone our ability to give upon ourselves, we can in fact release some of the pressure and expectations that have been placed upon us.

For me, giving up means not holding too tightly to your current beliefs, it’s Bruce Lee’s notion of “being like water,” not being confined or defined by your current behaviours.

“Society will always require labels and tick boxes to categories us but we always have the choice to become unlabelled.”

I love surprising people by challenging their expectation of me, whether it’s going vegan from being an heavy meat eater or quitting my job to start a business. Most people never change because they’re never willing to give up the expectation they, their peers or family have put upon them.

“The bravest and most optimistic thing we can do, is see that each of us has the opportunity to do precisely the opposite.”

— Seth Godin

It’s easy to play and stay the victim if it’s all you’ve ever known. It’s easy to be the fat friend when it’s all you’ve ever known. It’s easy to stay in your nine to five when it’s a ll you’ve ever known. The latter is not unattainable, it simply comes with the ability to give up on yourself, your beliefs, your expectations and overtime re-define yourself in a way that serves the future you.

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Other than running the Powerful Nonsense blog and podcast, Cem is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses.

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