35# Go The F*ck To Sleep! w/ Adams Stansbury

Go The Fuck To Sleep Adam Stansbury Powerful Nonsense Podcast

In this episode Cem and Wayne are joined by Powerful Nonsense friend Adam Stansbury to discuss why we should all be taking our sleep more seriously.

We discuss several ways to optimise your lifestyle, nutrition and mindset as well as some advanced sleep biohacking tactics so that you can become more productive, have more willpower and make struggling to get up in the morning a thing of the past!

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

03:30 Adam’s Porridge Champion Entry

05:30 Effects of caffiene on sleep

07:50 Why should I care about sleep?

10:00 Reducing blue light exposure before bed


blocking light blocking glasses for better sleep

Get F.lux Free Download

15:00 Increasing blue light exposure during the day

17:10 Reading fiction books before bed

19:30 Night settings on reading devices

Night Settings iBooks


Kindle Night Setting

How to Switch a Kindle to Night Settings

21:10 Drinking camomile tea before bed

Algerian Coffee Shop – Camomile Tea

21:30 Taking Raw Honey before bed (HYMN Cycle)

The Honey, Insulin, Melatonin Cycle (HYMN CYCLE).

25:55 Meditation before bed

Head Space App – Take 10

27:30 Sleep induction mat / Acupressure

sleep induction mat powerful nonsense

Free Binaural Beats App

Sleep Better With Binaural Beats

29:15 “Sleep doesn’t have to be made complication.”

30:30 Writing to-do lists for the day ahead

32:10 Focusing on the thought ahead

33:50 Maximising darkness / noise exposure

Boots Ear Plugs Silicon

36:15 “Prepare for your sleep like you’re preparing for a marathon.”

37:30 Can we ever be alarm free?

40:40 The importance of sleep routines


43:00 Is your job to blame for your bad sleep?

45:45 The best time to exercise for optimal sleep

49:30 Optimising nutrition for better sleep

High Tryptophan Foods List

52:00 Is eating before bed bad for you?

53:30 Magnesium a must have supplement for sleep

56:35 How to deal with bad sleep partners

59:20 How sleep effects your willpower and how much you may eat throughout the day

1:00:00 How EMF can effects your sleep

reducing emf exposure

Contact Adam Stansbury

Adam Stansbury Personal Trainer

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