Gratitude On The Go

We’ve all heard about how beneficial it can be to journal about all the things we’re grateful for before bed or first thing in the morning but for most people, the morning is all “go, go, go,” and the last thing you want to do when snuggled up under the sheets is pull out a pen and paper.

Recently I’ve been indulging in some good old gratitude on the go. Whether it’s commuting on the Central line or just walking home. Any opportunity where I’d usually be sticking on a podcast or completing my social media app ritual, instead, I’d use the time just to think about all the things I’m grateful for.

For example, this morning on the way back from my girlfriend’s house I listed all the things I was grateful for until I got home, starting with the fact I’m alive and healthy. I have good relationships. I saw some kids scootering to school with their Dad and it made me feel positive about all the great parents out there. The sky was blue. I was about to go for some tasty breakfast in my favourite cafe. I’m filming for an inspiring cause this evening. My girlfriend is cooking me dinner etc.

“There are so many things to be grateful for when we take the time think about it but the noise of the day often takes charge from the moment we open our eyes.”

At a talk I went to by Derren Brown, promoting his new book “Happy”, he mentioned how we’re all so quick to moan about the bruised toe we’ve stubbed but we never take a moment to appreciate our bodies when everything is just fine. We take the good for granted.

A little gratitude goes as long way to re-wiring our brains to appreciate the positive aspects of our lives or put in to balance all the sh*t we allow to overwhelm us.

So, next time you’re about to reach in to your pocket to fiddle with your iPhone, on a walk or a commute, why not just re-invest that time to take a mental wash and bask in all the good stuff that’s going on in your life right now. And don’t tell me you can’t think of anything… How about the fact that you can read. You have an Internet connection. You have time to read blogs… Your turn.

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Other than running the Powerful Nonsense blog and podcast, Cem is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses.

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