29. Have We Been Programmed To Spend?

In this episode Cem and Wayne talk about the recent BBC documentary “The Men Who Made Us Spend” and discuss if there’s a difference between marketing and manipulation. We cover topics such as the planned obsolescence of products, spending as self expression and whether the web is empowering consumers or increasing our vulnerability to marketers.

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

04:20  Beginning Quote

“Influence involves change, the ability to move people in a desired direction. The difference between influence and manipulation is that we move them in our direction by giving them honest and accurate information.” – Robert Cialdini

05:45 Overview of “The Men Who Made Us Spend”

07:00 Does planned obsolescence leads to higher employment?

14:30 “Marketing is there to get us to the point of trying.”

16:00 Is marketing through fear ethical?

17:33 “Everything we do is a form of manipulation.”

19:10 Is manipulation always a bad thing?

21:00 Does an abundance of choice promote consumerism?

23:00 “We shouldn’t ever feel wrong for making money.”

27:00 Buying products as social proof.

30:00 Are you manipulating others through your purchasing decisions?

31:00 Marketing is most powerful when it targets our primal needs.

37:00 Does an unclear identity lead to higher levels of consumption?

42:40 “We’re living in a soup of frenzy to consume.”

43:50 “We need to get better at asking ourselves why we want something.”

47:00 “Digital technology is empowering the consumers to push back on unethical behaviour.”

52:30 “Don’t cut corners, make a great product and marketing will be much easier.”

57:10 End Quote

“You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.”  ― Jeffrey Gitomer

58:20 Manipulation = Metaphor = Storytelling

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