How To Be A Human When Networking w/ Ash Phillips (YENA)

How To Be A Human Whilst Networking Powerful Nonsense Podcast

Cem and Wayne welcome special guest Ash Phillips on the show to talk about networking in the 21st century! Ash is the founder of an organisation called YENA (The Young Entrepreneur Networking Association) a social enterprise that brings young people together to increase their opportunities for success. We discuss the common mistakes that young people make when networking as well as debunking some of the myths and outdated information that is currently floating around on the web.

What you’ll hear

03:15 Introducing Ash Phillips

05:30 Advice on approaching new people

08:00 What’s the deal with business cards?

09:40 Knowing who to speak to.

11:30 What are the common mistakes people make at networking events?

12:30 What kinds of fears do young people have with networking events?

14:30 How do you decide where to start with networking?

16:15 Should you network with a partner or by yourself?

17:30 Networking etiquette.

20:00 How to utilise technology at networking events.

22:00 What value can you give if you’re only just starting out?

23:45 How should you go about following up new contacts?

25:15 How do you sustain a relationship with a new contact?

28:30 How can you stand out from the crowd at a networking event?

32:00 Approaching the main speaker at an event.

35:15 Ash’s killer networking tips.

38:00 The most POWERFUL piece of advice Ash has ever been given

39:30 The biggest load of NONSENSE that Ash has ever heard

41:00 Ash’s final words for young people.

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