25. How To Be Happy In 24 Hours w/ James Lambert

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview happiness expert James Lambert. James went from punching people in the face as an illegal bare knuckle fighter to motivation speaker and life coach, he ran 101 marathons to send his friends ill son and their family to Disneyland and recovered from two near fatal motorcycle accidents. He shares how he overcome his dark past and why he’s now on a mission to get people happier through self-acceptance and self-belief.

What you’ll hear


2:00 James introduces himself.

4:10 Change is an ongoing process.

7:20 Where I grew up, kindness was seen as a weakness.

8:00 Education at its worst doesn’t promote freethinking.

11:10 If you are only learning to tick boxes you are fundamentally in trouble. Learning at its best is self-improvement.

11:40 We update our phones more often than we do the education system.

12:45 Can you be happy in an environment you can’t control?

14:00  “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” ― John Milton

14:40 The biggest mindset issues of young people is a lack of self belief.

15:40 When you are trying to survive, your self worth is not a top priority.

16:55 The world bases your worth on awards. Who has the right to define your achievements?

18:00 Why do so many people base their happiness in the future?

18:30 We’re never happy in the now!

19:40 Do people really want to be happy all the time?

20:00 Happiness is like clouds in the sky, clear, fleeting, black at times. Joy is the sky, it’s always there whatever the weather.

21:50 How important is it that we get our daily allowance of laughs?

22:24 James’ Daily Jokes.

What did the policeman say to his stomach. You’re under a vest.

How do NASA prepare for a party? They Planet.

23:45 You can actually fake yourself in to a better feeling state.

24:20 Life is serious. Nobody gets out alive.

25:25 Don’t be afraid of your breaking point.


26:10 You discover what you are about when you get to your lowest point. Your warrior spirit comes though. You’re built to endure.

27:00 What happiness habits can people employ?

27:30 The brain has to tell the body what to do, not vice versa.

28:15 Use mind as master, not as servant.

29:50 When you do something you give a damn about it rises to the top.

30:40 “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”― Winston Churchill

32:15 You have to know your ‘why’ in any endeavour.

34:00 Doing something for others can be hugely motivating.

34:55 It’s in the struggle that you experience the most growth.

36:40 Should you decrease what you need to be happy?

37:00 More is not inherently bad if it’s with the right intentions.

37:45 There’s too much passivity in the world.

38:30 Does happiness change with age?

40:50 Are there any similarities between fighting and entrepreneurship?

43:30 You can’t sustain any habit or relationship without happiness.

45:00 Just by moving your body in the morning you can change your mood.

46:00 How can listeners be happy in the next 24 minutes?

46:30 Happiness starts with a decision.

48:20  What’s the most powerful piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Believe in yourself and say I can! It will then become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What’s the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?

A leopard can’t change his spots, I’m living proof! Be careful about what you listen to, steer clear or mind viruses.

50:30 James’ favourite books…


53:00 Episode Wrap up.

Contact James Lambert

Website:  http://www.jameslambertcoaching.co.uk/

Twitter: @MrHappy_79

James Lambert AKA Mr happy

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