How To Build Your Business Before Quitting Your Day Job w/ Adam Horne, The Sales Floor

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne speak with Adam Horne founder of The Sales Floor, an online jobs board for sales roles. In this interview Adam shares how he transitioned from full-time employment at a recruitment agency to working on his side gig around his 9-to-5 and then growing The Sales Floor enough to eventually quit his job. Adam also shares his experience of outsourcing as well as dealing with loneliness and isolation in the early days of starting his business

What You’ll Hear

03:35 – Who is Adam Horne and what is The Sales Floor?

04:50 – From sports journalism to recruitment and sales

07:50 – Your success lays on your shoulders

10:30 – Where The Sales Floor came from.

16:00 – Mundane meditation

17:55 – Growing up as the son of business owners

20:50 – It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work needed

24:50 – Creating a digital business as a non-techie person

28:35 – Outsourcing on a shoe-string budget

33:25 – The feeling of handing in the resignation and the first month of full time entrepreneurship

38:15 – The advantages of shared office space

41:10 – Validating your business

50:00 – The most powerful piece of advice I’ve ever been given

50:55 – The biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever heard

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