How To Get Paid £100 An Hour

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In this episode, Cem & Wayne break down exactly what you need to do in order to get paid £100 an hour. We discuss why you need to solve expensive problems, demonstrate extensive knowledge, embrace free work and understand that price is always based on worth not on cost!

What you’ll hear

03:44 – Be sure that you solve expensive problems
06:30 – It’s not about the ease at which you do something, it’s the value that it brings
09:30 – Be aware of who you’re targeting
11:35 – You have to prove that you can provide value
14:00 – How do you justify your price when you have no reputation?
17:45 – Should you give away your “how”?
21:25 – Be bold with the setting of your price
24:30 – Your value is in your expertise relative to other people’s
26:15 – Do not race to the bottom utilising minimum wage
28:30 – Make sure your network is promoting you too
30:05 – Assess your money mentality
31:15 – Don’t forget to earn back the cost of your education


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