How to Rate and Review Us on iTunes.

If you’ve listened to the Powerful Nonsense and enjoyed it, we’d love if you could help us out by simply leaving a rating or review on iTunes! It’s crucial for us so that we are able to spread the Powerful Nonsense word and here’s how you can do it nice and quickly:

Step 1

Head on over to our iTunes Preview Page for the podcast

Step 2

Click on the “View in iTunes” button which looks like this:

You will then see this page:

Step 3

Click on the ratings and review tab as on the image above. You should then see an option to click to rate (as below) and click on the star you think is most appropriate. As you hover over each star it’ll even give you a hint as to what that rating is saying to the rest of the world!

You can also write a brief and honest review by clicking on the “Write a Review” button (seen above). And if you write us a lovely 5 star review we’ll read it and credit it on a future podcast!

Thank you so much for your support of Powerful Nonsense! We appreciate you!!