How To Turn Your F*ck Ups Into Inspiring Stories

How To Turn Your F*ck Ups Into Inspiring Stories Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss why being vulnerable and sharing your failures can help you to connect with others. We’ll teach you how to turn your f*ck ups in to inspiring stories that will attract mentors, investors, peers and anyone else who can push you forward in your entrepreneurial journey.

What you’ll hear

01:50 – Brand vs Story
02:50 – The power of story-telling
05:30 – People are wisening up to how social media is being used by others
05:50 – Tell the story in the context of the media
06:50 – When would someone need to tell the story of their failure?
11:30 – Your failures are what people connect with
13:50 – People try to hide their failures and become inhuman
14:10 – Twitter changed the game
16:45 – Sharing your failures gives people a bit of hope once you do succeed
18:40 – People can tell when others aren’t being genuine on social media
20:45 – Your story is what makes you unique
23:45 – Don’t over-do your message. People want to know who you are
26:55 – Keep it authentic


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