Idea Anxiety and Momentum Moments

When it comes to starting a business, writing a book or anything that challenges you creatively, sustaining momentum is vital. Everybody enjoys that ‘Ah-ha’ moment when you conjure up a new idea but the initial buzz quickly fades when the lizard brain reminds you of just how much leg work it’s going to take to see it through.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison

Ideas face an uphill struggle from the moment they’re conceived. Not only do we have to tackle our hypocritical brains but we also suffer from IADD (Idea attention deficit disorder). It’s much easier to think of a new idea and enjoy the honeymoon period than live with the anxiety of your current flame. Like most narcotics, ideas are also susceptible to the law of diminishing returns and so finding ways to sustain your energy and excitement for a project is key if you stand any hope of shipping.


It wasn’t until I read ‘Making Ideas Happen’ by Scott Belsky that I realized just how important it is to create a steady supply of momentum moments. Momentum moments are the small ‘pick me ups’ that remind you of what you’re fighting for and blow the accumulation of self doubt from between your ears.

For me, momentum moments are meeting up regularly with mentors or friends who support my vision, it’s ticking tasks off of my to-do list, it’s gaining another blog follower, it’s reminding myself that I’m having fun and learning even though I may feel like banging my head against a wall sometimes.

“The road to perseverance lies by doubt.” -Francis Quarles

Developing the capacity to create your own momentum moments without being seduced off the path by new ideas is key to bringing your project to life. Until you’ve learnt the self-awareness of the Dalia Lama, you’ll have to accept that your ego is going to kick and scream whenever you step out of your comfort zone, momentum moments can be the lollipop that shuts it up and allows you to get on with making something remarkable.


Silence Your Ego With Momentum Moments