If your resume was your dating profile…

Would you make more effort to stand out?  We have all grown up in the industrial economy, one that creates the same kind of person, the compliant worker – ready to man the jobs that no longer exist.

Just like the latest fashion trends marketed to us to attract the opposite sex, it’s all part of someone else’s plan and so the difficulty becomes finding ways to put your real self forward?

Big organisations can now use computers to pick their ideal candidates by cleverly systemising conformity, what school did you go to, which grade did you achieve, which successful company have you already worked for.

The problem with this is that it takes no consideration for humanity; to this company you’re a cog, a new shiny thing, easily lubricated by the sight of a larger pay cheque but at the expense of your compassion and when it’s too late – your soul.

The good company just like a good partner understands what matters now. Trust, permission, remarkability, leadership and humility but this was never part of the plan and so it’s now up to you to make up the difference.

The new economy values the connections you’ve enabled, the lives you’ve touched and the stories you’ve shared. The battle is no longer decided on how much of your life you’ve have committed to conforming (we’ve all played that game) but more so how much have you committed to life.