Is It Love, Or Is It Insecurity? w/ Mansal Denton

IS IT LOVE, OR IS IT INSECURITY- Powerful Nonsense Podcast

In this episode, Cem & Wayne interview Mansal Denton to find out just how far some of us are willing to go for the things we deeply desire. Mansal shares his story honestly and openly on how his insecurities landed him in prision for six months and why trying to fit in lead him to self-sabotaging behaviour.

What you’ll hear

3:00 High points and low points.

4:30 How I ended up in prison.

6:30 Why I did what I did.

10:20 Where did your self-esteem issues come from?

12:55 She didn’t think she was out of my league.

17:10 I’m doing this so well so that you’ll love me.

18:30 Resistance strategies.

20:30 “If you can’t love yourself, no one is going to love you”

22:10 I’ve made it harder on myself but gained depth and awareness.

24:50 I’ve got everybody fooled.

26:00 I was telling myself I was a fraud.

28:00 A lot of my friends were in a similar boat.

29:00 I was constantly trying to bury my insecurities.

33:10 I had revelations about the stories I was telling myself.

34:00 I had mentally prepared to go to prison.

35:30 Prison still has many aspects as the rest of society.

38:15 My fitness became my biggest asset.

41:45 Because I had a lot of downtime I would frequently brainstorm.

43:05 I, and a lot of people, have an issue with going into my own head.

46:00 I lost all my power.

47:40 I had put too much pressure on myself.

50:00 Happiness comes from the inside rather than external fulfilment.

53:10 The thought that I didn’t care enough struck a chord.

56:30 These insecurities are not your fault!

57:35 Looking for happiness in the external world will bring nothing but heartache.

Connect With Mansal Denton

Twitter:    @TheHackedMind
Article: Locked Up: 5 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Being In Prison

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