Live Your Way: The Powerful Nonsense Manifesto

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne plant a flag in the ground for what the Powerful Nonsense podcast stands for and what you can expect from our future content. Are you in for the ride?

What You’ll Hear

  • Entrepreneurship is the number one means of taking back control of your time and ultimately your life.
  • Money should supplement your ideal lifestyle and not the other way around.
  • The current education system still promotes an industrial lifestyle in a digital world.
  • We are driven by experiences, it makes us who we are and pushes our own boundaries.
  • Being human requires a holistic lifestyle (health, fun, experience, meaningful work etc)
  • Technology enriches your lifestyle and is vital for careers of the future
  • Relationships are king, connections matter for our mental wellbeing and business development.
  • Actively question how things have been done before and be brave enough to try something new.
  • Continuously question your definition of success. Re-define it your own unique way.
  • Become purpose and values driven. It’s where the fire lies.

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