How To Make a Ruckus in 2015 Inspired By Seth Godin’s 99u Q&A

I listened to Seth Godin’s talk at a 99u event this morning and thought I’d share a few of my musings on some of the statements he made. I hope you can find something useful in there.

1. “Are you prepared to work with people who have a low standard?”

If there’s something you want to get done in 2015 and you know someone else is out there who has or is achieving it then do your best to get around them and get away from those who are reinforcing your current reality.

If you’re trying to lose weight, get around healthy people. If you want to quit your job and start a business then find people who have taken that leap and came out the other end.

We’re no longer afraid to cross the Atlantic Ocean in fear of never reaching land or falling of the edge of the earth because the outcome has been proven time and time again. Set a new standard, find your tribe and watch the resistance slowly melt away.

2. “Connection is far more valuable than do you own a machine that no one else owns.”

Information and technology are abundant. Most people in the Western world have access to a computer or smart phone linked up to the Internet meaning they’re a few Google searches from knowing enough about a subject to call themselves a guru.

When everybody know everything the only unique selling point is you and your story, do you care more than your competition?

3. “If you feel like you have to be right every time you speak, you won’t say anything.”

You may be thinking about starting your own blog, podcast or Youtube channel in 2015 yet you’re too afraid of offending somebody, saying the wrong thing, or making a fool of yourself that instead you’d rather play it safe and say nothing at all.

Failure in the digital economy has never been so accessible and that’s a good thing!

Your blog may get zero views, your podcast no subscribers and your Youtube channel some light trolling but at least you made the most of an opportunity that wasn’t available not so long ago. Start if only for yourself but I promise, your voice will matter to someone.

4. “You can’t get rid of fear, the harder you push back at it the louder it becomes.”

Fear creates procrastination in those who don’t understand it. People wait and wait or over educate hoping that fear will take a break and let you try that thing that scares you to death but fear is your enemy and your best friend. Without it you wouldn’t know what really matters but with it, as your ally, you get energy and excitement to take action.

Feeling fearful is the recognition of potential growth. It will never leave; it wants to get your heart racing.

5. “You will not be doing great work in any field unless you can say to people “it’s not for you.”

It takes a lot of guts to say no, especially for those who don’t yet value themselves. Whatever you decide to create in 2015 let every rejection lead you closer and closer to those who care. Saying ‘no’ often is honouring yourself.

Watch the Video and let me know if anything stands out to you and post it in the comments below.