Making your past useful

You hear it all the time, someone complaining about how they would do things differently if only they were back at school, didn’t have kids or if they were ten years younger, but why are we so quick to overlook the now?

It’s easy to complain about what you coulda shoulda done – everyones has regrets, but if years later you’re still walking around with the same ‘if only’ mentality then you’ve got to ask yourself how much do you really want whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve?

In order to combat this counter productive way of thinking you need to find new ways to make your past useful. See your shortcomings as learning experiences and invest them forward into your future. If you want things to happen your mistakes need to become your own personal mentors, each one reminding you of where you went wrong and why this time you’re going to do better.

“I’m not a failure because I didn’t succeed, but because I didn’t try” – Kev (Derek)

Stop making excuses for yourself. You still have a chance to do something amazing. Go on, let your past ignite your future.