Mental Health And The Digital Divide w/ Jamie Lee Brett

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In this episode, Cem interviews TEDx speaker and youth worker at the Princes Trust Jamie Lee Brett to discuss the growing digital inequalities in the UK and the impact it may have on employment and well-being. Jamie shares why mental health issues are growing year on year amongst young people, how social media is warping our expectations and what may happen if technology equals the intelligence of a human beings in the coming years.

What You’ll Hear

4:00 Introducing Jamie Lee Brett

7:00 Tackling digital inequality and the digital divide

11:00 using linkedin to build your professional network

13:00  Teaching how to write a CV vs teaching entrepreneurship

16:30 Mental health and the digital economy

21:00 Is education moving quick enough

24:00 the ability to upskill yourself for free online

26:00 Global competition in the digital economy

30:00 What happens when technology equals the intelligence of a human being

33:00 Social media and expectations

38:00 Most powerful pieces of advice you’ve been given?

39:20 Biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?

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