44. Morning Routines For Non-Morning People

Morning Routines Powerful Nonsense Podcast

Not a morning person? Do you find yourself skipping breakfast and rushing out of the door with your coffee in toe? What you need is a strong morning routine. In this episode Cem and Wayne explain why morning routines can be the key to unlocking your personal growth. We talk you through several easy morning routines based on our own experiences and learnings from Noah Kagen (GEBY), Michael Hyatt, Hal Elrod (SAVERS) and many other taking as little as 6 minutes per day (if you are often in a rush) to more lengthy routines. No matter how long you invest in your morning routine, these tips could get your day, month or year off to a flying start!

What you’ll hear

3:00 – What Is A Morning Routine?

4:00 – But I don’t have time for a morning routine

6:00GEBY by Noah Kagen

11:10 – SAVERS by Hal Elrod

16:30 – The Longer Morning Routine – Inspired by Michael Hyatt

17:50 – Gold Time

18:30 – Meditation

19:45 – Developmental Reading

20:00 – Journalling

22:30 – Darren Daily

23:50 – Breakfast

24:15 – Wayne’s Post-Routine start to the day

25:20 – Sometimes we miss days

26:30 – Tweaking your routine

28:30 – If you only do one thing in the morning this should be it!

Recommended Resources

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

Michael Hyatt – This Is Your Life #28 Become More Productive By Reengineering Your Morning Ritual

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Darren Daily

Tony Robbins Interview with Tim Ferris (Morning Routines Episode)

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